LDPL is a programming language designed from the ground up to be excessively expressive, fast, readable and easy to learn. It mimics English in the likeness of [the good parts of] older languages like COBOL, with the desire that it can be understood by anybody. It's highly portable and runs on a plethora of different architectures and operating systems including AMD-64, ARMv8 and PowerPC Linux and Mac OS X! It even supports UTF-8 out of the box.


High-performance language
Easy to read, learn and understand
Supports UTF-8 out of the box
Compiles to C++, it's fast!
Produces dependency-free binaries
Runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, and more

Community Projects

LDPL Space Mines, a management game by Carbontwelve
Spark, ▁▂▃▅▂▇ in your shell, ported by Carbontwelve
Ambulisp, a Lisp interpreter by Ambulancja
If you've made something with LDPL contact us or post it on r/ldpl and we'll add it to this list (also, if you upload it to GitHub, be sure to tag it with the 'ldpl' topic)!


A Visual Studio Code extension by dvkt is available for LDPL.
A Vim plugin developed by Araml is available for LDPL.

If you've made a LDPL extension for your editor of choice please tell us and we'll add it to this list!


If use Reddit, join us at r/ldpl to talk about LDPL, make friends and have fun!


We are also chatting on IRC. The server is irc.freenode.net channel #ldpl.


Due to popular request we've paired with Teepublic to bring you LDPL shirts, mugs, stickers and more. All the money we receive from these sales goes towards the development of the language. Click here to check what we have on sale!


Keeping the server up and running is not free: electricity, domain names, hardware and internet must be paid for. LDPL is free and open software and I'd very much appreciate any economical help you could provide towards the development and sustain of the project. At the moment we are accepting donations trough Liberapay. Thank you!

Donate using Liberapay

Take a Peek at LDPL

name is text     # Your name goes here!

display "Hello World" crlf "What's your name? "
accept name
display "你好, " name "! Welcome to LDPL!" crlf

Hungry for more? Check the example LDPL programs:

helloworld.ldpl, a program that prints hello world
disancount.ldpl, counts down to 0 printing only the even numbers
quine.ldpl, a quine program
euler.ldpl, prints the sum of all the multiples of 3 or 5 below 1000
fibonacci.ldpl, prints a fibonacci sequence
explode.ldpl, splits a string using a delimiter
sqrt.ldpl, babylonian method square root calculator
99bottles.ldpl, sings 99 bottles of beer
factorial.ldpl, factorial calculator program
brainfuck.ldpl, brainfuck interpreter program


If you'd like to add a feature to LDPL, document it, fork it (or whatever), check the source code at GitHub. Pull requests, bug reports and feedback are really more than welcome!


LDPL is distributed under the GNU General Public License 3.0. The LDPL Dragon logo is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.


Feel free to contact me at mdelrio (at) dc.uba.ar or via Telegram to @lartu or via IRC to #ldpl.

The LDPL Programming Language and the LDPL Dragon were created by Martín del Río, 2019.